Blissity Ventures partners with exceptional entrepreneurs, top executives, and the world’s leading universities, to build the startup unicorns of the future.

We have over 100 members who invest together with us on a deal-by-deal basis.

How It Works - FAQs

How can I become a member?

You need to be an accredited investor according to the U.S. SEC and sign up here.

Can I invite someone to join Blissity Ventures?

Yes, of course, but please do not forward our deal memos. Instead please forward our Investor Application form. After verification, we will forward any current deals to that person. Please note that we only accept accredited investors.

Do I have to invest in all the deals?

No. You can invest on a deal-by-deal basis. You can invest in one deal, several deals, or no deal at all. However, you should be an active investor but it is your judgment and decision to invest in the deals.

How much does it cost to join Blissity Ventures as a member?

Nothing. Membership is free.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

If you decide to invest in a deal, the minimum amount is usually between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on the size of the allocation.

How many deals should I expect to see?

For 2021 we’re planning to syndicate 6 deals, in 2022 around 12 deals in total.

Who is behind Blissity Ventures?

Blissity Ventures is run by Blissity LLC, based in San Francisco, CA, and led by angel investor, startup advisor, and entrepreneur Martin Tantow.

What is the benefit of a syndicate?

There are numerous benefits to a syndicate. For one, the collective group of investors can pool a higher investment amount than angels working on their own. We also receive a much higher deal flow quality as we encourage our members to introduce us to the best startups they come across. As a syndicate, we are often able to finance startups at an earlier stage than most VCs and can pool resources such as skills, contacts, and experts for a more extensive due diligence process from our network. Furthermore, a syndicate backer can remain anonymous and will not appear on the cap table.

What’s a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?

For each investment deal, an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is created as a legal entity (LLC) to be used as a funding structure by which all inventors are pooled together into that single entity. Each investor becomes a member of the SPV and in turn, the SPV invests in the startup on behalf of its members.

Are there any fees involved?

Investors who participate in a deal are only charged for the setup of the SPV. The setup fee per deal is approximately $10k-15k in total over a maximum of 7 years lifespan of the SPV and covers the creation and management of the SPV, Blue Sky filing fees, due diligence, and wire fees. This fee is split on a pro-rated basis among the investors who opt into the deal. There is no mandatory pro-rata investment in subsequent rounds. You will never be responsible for more than your initial subscription (investment) amount in a Blissity Ventures syndicate.

What is carry (or carried interest)?

Carry is a form of performance-based compensation that aligns with investor interest so as to ensure that the lead (Blissity Ventures) finds outperforming deals. Blissity Ventures charges a carry of 20% of the profits upon exit as compensation for finding and negotiating deal terms, performing due diligence, writing a deal memo, and advising the SPV.

Do you accept foreign residents as investors?

Anyone can be an investor with Blissity Ventures as long as they meet the U.S. SEC accreditation requirements.

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