Driving continuous innovation

Driving Continuous Innovation: 6 Lessons for Business Leaders

Innovating is not the same as inventing. Here's how to stay on top. As they aim to build sustainable, high-growth companies -- and to avoid growth stalls -- companies need to invest in innovation. [Read More on Inc. Magazine] ...
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Building Sustainable, High-Growth Startup Companies

There has been a vast increase in new startups being founded, mainly because it’s easier than ever before in history. An estimated 137,000 startups are founded every day (Worldwide Business Start-ups, Moya K. Mason) while about 120,000 get dissolved at the same time. Companies like Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Intuit, Box, and a good dose ...
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How to Win the Internet of Things

Companies which get in the game early, and start exploiting the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the winners of tomorrow. Interview with Martin Tantow (in German). IT-Director: Mr. Tantow, where do you see the opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things? M. Tantow: According the the leading research firms, ...
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Draper University – A Framework of Critical Success Factors for Startup Growth

Martin Tantow talks about how to transition startups to become sustainable, high-growth businesses. Recording from Draper University, San Mateo, CA. Speed/Strength Week, May 2013. Why do startups fail, and what are the critical success factors for startups to succeed. VIEW THE FULL VIDEO HERE ...
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